Wealden Line Campaign

Thursday 23 October 2014

About the Campaign

The Wealden Line Campaign (WLC) is not an enthusiasts’ organization, nor is it concerned with railway preservation or nostalgia. The WLC is entirely independent and has no association with, or connections to any other rail lobbying group, nationally or locally. It maintains no political allegiances, but welcomes support from across the political spectrum. It receives no subsidy or grants and remains entirely funded by public subscription and voluntary donations.

The WLC is ardently pro-rail but not anti-car and recognizes the value and appropriateness of all forms of transport. Nevertheless, we strongly believe the railway is supremely placed as the preferred mass-mover of people in the overcrowded South East region and throughout the capital’s environs.

BML2 is not a campaign in itself, but is the project of the Campaign, which accordingly received the unanimous backing of WLC members during 2010. BML2 involves the provision of a new 1½ mile rail tunnel through the South Downs to create a new fast, direct, second main line between Brighton and London.

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Quotes and Comments

“The loss of Brighton's second main line via Uckfield and the direct London services it provided was a massive error of the 1960s. It needs to be reversed.” – Lord Adonis, House of Lords Shadow Minister for Infrastructure.