Wealden Line Campaign

Monday 18 February 2019

Management Team

Wealden Line Campaign is run by a Management Team comprising Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Campaign Director/Project Manager, Webmaster/Publicity Manager

The current team members are:-


Duncan Bennett

When Duncan was elected onto the Wealden Line Campaign Management Team, he brought with him his experience as Town Councillor for Uckfield North as well as that of owning and managing his own business in Uckfield for 5 years until 2009. Duncan served as Uckfield's Deputy Town Mayor between 2009 and 2012, set-up the BML2 INFORMATION Facebook Group and is the vociferous @BML2INFORMATION Tweeter.


Ian Smith

Ian has been on the Management Team for several years. He is also an Uckfield Town Councillor for the Ridgewood ward and currently Mayor of Uckfield

Martin Bamford

Martin Bamford

Martin joined the Management Team in November 2014 after being a member of the Wealden Line Campaign for many years. He replaces Alan Mitchell our original Treasurer who retired from work and moved out of the area.

Campaign Director

Brian Hart
Campaign Director/BML2 Project Manager

Brian has been part of the Wealden Line Campaign since its formation in 1986 and has been Campaign Director for many years. Brian has been BML2 Project Manager since its launch in 2010 which was adopted by the Wealden Line Campaign. Brian is also well-known for having written numerous railway histories, chiefly around Kentish lines, which reflect his interest in the strategy behind rail development in the region.


Brian Abbott
Webmaster/Publicity Manager

Brian was a member of the Wealden Line Campaign for a number of years before joining the Management Team. In 2008, Brian became the Wealden Line Campaign's webmaster with a new look website. His duties increased in 2010 with the BML2 website. Brian has a long-standing interest in many aspects of trains and rail travel, particularly regarding the London Underground, and is also an avid photographer - particularly transport and travel.